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Video of Sean at Dragon Con [Sep. 7th, 2010|09:39 pm]
Sean Maher Fans Daily


Someone recorded the Firefly panel at Dragon Con.

It's six parts total, very nice quality, all on YouTube.

The panel consisted of Morena, Jewel, Sean, and Summer, with occasional prank calls from Alan and Nathan.


-- In response to a question about River finding a love interest, Sean answers, "Besides me?" and causes every Tamcest aficionado to spontaneously give birth.

-- On that note, Sean seems to have a wedding ring and mentions a daughter. What the.

-- Jewel, Morena, and Sean apparently do pilates together.

-- Sean: "I never felt like it was a sci-fi show."
Morena: "Are you on crack? It takes place in space, five hundred years in the future, on a spaceship."

-- Adorableness abounds.

[User Picture]From: vampirefan
2010-09-07 04:17 pm (UTC)
i watched this a couple of days ago and sean was adorable! the whole panel had me laughing!

i also am curious about his daughter comments... did he adopt? haven't seen anything mentioned anywhere about him...
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[User Picture]From: tanisafan
2010-09-07 07:20 pm (UTC)
Sean seems to have a wedding ring and mentions a daughter. What the.

I saw something with Morena recently where she talked about how Sean 'has a kid now', but I'm even more super curious now!

In other news, oh my goodness, how I have missed them all rambling at each other. <3
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[User Picture]From: serenitysangel
2010-09-07 07:28 pm (UTC)
These guys are and always will be the most awesome folks of all.

Edited at 2010-09-07 07:28 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: on_the_ground
2010-09-07 11:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much!! ;)

Edited at 2010-09-07 11:28 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: greenie_breizh
2010-09-08 03:26 am (UTC)
Thanks for linking this, it's awesome! I love getting new tidbits of info that tell us how much they enjoy each other's company (re: pilates). :) :) And yay for mentioning his daughter!
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[User Picture]From: edenskye
2010-09-17 02:08 am (UTC)
I didn't make this panel but I made the panel the day before. Simon and Kaylee reunited. Sean was just as adorable as he could be. A little nervous as this was his first time at Dragoncon. I was lucky enough to get to photos with him.

I am curious though as to is he married with a kid? I haven't heard anything saying that he was except that he took a break from acting in 2006 and came back in 2010.
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