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Hey Everyone,
We're giving away (2 packs of) 2 tickets to any CreationEnt.com convention. As I'm sure most of you guys know, CreationEnt.com throws the BEST conventions!! My boyfriend and I have been to so many of their conventions and have gotten some AWESOME photo ops with the stars. Its so much fun!
We've gone to their Firefly convention every year so far. I posted some of our funny photo ops here before! We've had Jayne beating us up, Jewel stealing my boyfriend away from me, etc..... LOL...

If any of you guys are interested in entering our giveaway, please check out our video and comment!
Thanks guys & Good luck =)

Here's my fave photo op ever...hehe...:

Video of Sean at Dragon Con

Someone recorded the Firefly panel at Dragon Con.

It's six parts total, very nice quality, all on YouTube.

The panel consisted of Morena, Jewel, Sean, and Summer, with occasional prank calls from Alan and Nathan.


-- In response to a question about River finding a love interest, Sean answers, "Besides me?" and causes every Tamcest aficionado to spontaneously give birth.

-- On that note, Sean seems to have a wedding ring and mentions a daughter. What the.

-- Jewel, Morena, and Sean apparently do pilates together.

-- Sean: "I never felt like it was a sci-fi show."
Morena: "Are you on crack? It takes place in space, five hundred years in the future, on a spaceship."

-- Adorableness abounds.

Sean in Ryan Caulfield

Greetings!  I come bearing gifts. 

Yesterday I discovered that a film editor by the name of Richard Leeman has posted his demo reels on YouTube.  The reason that this is a Very Good Thing is because he included clips from his work on Ryan Caulfield: Year One.  Enjoy!

Drama: www.youtube.com/watch
Action: www.youtube.com/watch
Comedy: www.youtube.com/watch

Note: The Ryan Caulfield clip on the Comedy vid starts near the 3:30 mark. (And yes, that is James(Psych) Roday behind the tinted glasses and the weird hair and the earring. :-)

New answers from Sean :)

The May and June entries for the SeanMaher.info monthly Q&A with Sean are now online! He answers the following questions:

- You mentioned directing a play in high school [in the interview for the website], so I'm wondering, are you interested in doing more of that?

- What is it about writing (or maybe directing) that is appealing to you?

And of course, if you have any questions you'd like to ask Sean, you can still send them to us at questions4sean@seanmaher.info. :)

I can't wait for July 13 to see him in Warehouse 13!

New guest-star spot for Sean! Yay!

Sean has been cast with Jewel Staite in an upcoming episode of Warehouse 13, an original Syfy series. The episode, titled "Mild Mannered", is scheduled to premiere in July 2010. Sean will play Sheldon, a quiet unassuming guy whose exposure to a dangerous object brings about shocking physical change while Staite portrays Loretta, the object of his unrequited love. (Source.)

I'm so psyched for this, guys. Sean on our screen is good enough, but with Jewel? Double-yay! :)