-Jo- (greenie_breizh) wrote in seanmaher,

New Timing content

I come bearing pretty cool news!

Dalliance Films, the company behind Sean's upcoming film, Timing, have very kindly offered to share exclusive content with SeanMaher.info, in an ongoing collaboration covering the film's development process.

You can read a brief Q&A with producer Keith Sweeney (where he explains why they were interested in Sean) and even more exciting, check out the first of a monthly series of Timing script snippets! (And once you've read, tell me - who doesn't really, really want to see that movie get made now?)

We'll have more exclusive content in the new year, and of course, January means Sean will be back on our screens, which is the best. Speaking of, we have a date for his episode of The Mentalist: Thursday January 21st. Mark it down on your calendars!

2010 looks like it's going to be a good year. :D

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