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Over the past week I’ve been back on my Firefly high and have spend many hours looking at pictures of the adorable Sean Mahar. My favourite images of him were at the Flanvention back in 2005 so I present....

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Glee | J&R | is it me you're looking for


Ok so I went a bit crazy with this batch, I can't believe I made 70 icons in one go?!?.
Nearly all Simon Tam/Sean Maher related apart from 2 group icons.

22 - Sean Maher
48 - Simon Tam (+group) from Firefly and Serenity

More here...
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Sean has new representation

"Thesp Sean Maher ("Serenity") has signed with Innovative Artists. He'll next be seen in the pilot episode of the Lifetime series "Drop Dead Diva.""

Found this on

I hope this means good news...Hopefully this means Sean is pursuing some new roles. I'm not too optimistic about Drop Dead Diva, but I felt the same way about Wedding Wars before I saw that and thought it was cute. =] Sean is too pretty to die to not be in more things.

Lady Lola - Reign

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192 icons total

15 Firefly
12 Guys and Dolls
28 Harry Potter (Gof, OotP, HBP trailer)
36 Heroes
18 High School Musical
9 Lord of the Rings
9 Phantom of the Opera
18 Sense and Sensibility
5 Star Wars
9 X-Men
13 Miscellaneous (Michael Phelps, M*A*S*H, Gone with the Wind and Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy)
15 Christmas

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Big damn heroes, sir

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Whedon con

Hi Everyone! I'm new to LJ and new to this community.  I'm a huge Sean Maher/Firefly fan so this seemed like a good place to start.

Any tips on creating icons would be great as I haven't got a clue!

And for any UK Sean fans - there's been a new con announced for next year called HalloWhedon (it's at Halloween) and the organisers are running a poll to see who they should get as guests.

You need to register there to vote - but it would be cool to get Sean back in the UK again - and every vote counts!

Hope to meet some of you at future cons and stuff!